Today, I Made My Mom Cry…

Today, I Made My Mom Cry…

I know, right?  What kind of daughter am I?

Mom asked me yesterday if I was planning to go to the “Big City” this weekend.  I said, “No, why?”  She had made a list from a grocery store sales ad and was hoping that I could add it to my travel plan.

I told her that the forecast said tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day and we should go together.  I’m always trying to find a reason to get her out of the house–plus I LOVE ROAD TRIPS!!  She is elderly and sedentary.  It takes everything she’s got just to shop at one local store, much less sit in the car for an hour, go through a large store, and then sit in the car for the long ride back home.  It took a bit of convincing but she agreed to go with me.

Today, Mom was holding back tears when she told me that she just could not make the trip.  So I went alone.  Not a big deal, but it made me think….

That will be me in 20-30 years!  All the preparation and planning for enjoying my retirement or “Bucket List” years and I won’t be well enough to leave the Lazy Boy (recliner)!!


What changes do I need to make now to change the trajectory of my future so I don’t end up like my mom when I finally have the time and money to devote to traveling like I want?

  • Take better care of myself–eat better, exercise more, less sitting around…
  • Create a Vision Board of everything I want to do and everywhere I want to go
  • Don’t give up on my goals and dreams
  • Enjoy life NOW and squeeze into my schedule as many things on my list as I can
  • What else can you think of to add to this list?


The truth is:  There will come a time when we will be unable to physically keep up with the life we envision…and most of us don’t know when we will “kick the bucket” (pass away, die).  So, enjoy life NOW.  Choose something on your Bucket List and take your next weekend or your next vacation to work toward checking it off!  I really doubt that you will end up with a list of nothing else left to do!!


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