Trip Advisor Series: 2016 WDW–Disney Vacation Club

Trip Advisor Series: 2016 WDW–Disney Vacation Club

Trip Advisor Series:

2016 WDW–Disney Vacation Club (DVC)


April 7, 2016–I’ve been researching Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership since 2014 so I wanted to see some of the resorts in person.  I scheduled a DVC tour and was chauffeured to Saratoga Springs Resort for a first-hand look had what I’ve been researching.

I was greeted with a light breakfast, given a DVC name tag, paired with a tour guide, and walked through some full-sized models of three resorts.  It was very impressive but I wasn’t ready to make such a commitment, after all, I couldn’t even afford going into the parks!!  After answering my residual questions, she walked me to their Ice Cream Parlor where I met Mary!

Saratoga Springs Ice Cream Parlor–Photo Courtesy of

Mary has a big, welcoming smile and she’s in charge of the ice cream.  She was an absolute joy to talk with–and she gave me two scoops because of my Birthday Pin!  Or maybe because we had a great conversation!!

I was given a $50 Disney Gift Card for attending the presentation then was chauffeured to wherever I wanted to go within WDW.  I chose the Boardwalk Resort to continue on my own DVC tour.

I enjoyed walking around the Boardwalk even though it was undergoing some remodeling projects.  The atmosphere would be amazing at night with all the lights and the lake right there!  A major bonus of staying at one of the resorts on this lake (The Boardwalk Resort, The Beach Club, The Yacht Club, The Swan and Dolphin Resorts) is that there is a water taxi that will take you to Epcot or to Hollywood Studios, so you would not have to drive back and forth.  You could literally stay at one of these resorts for a week and never see the inside of your car!

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Then I walked down the path to the Beach Club.  I found Lindsay, one of the maintenance crew, and asked her a few questions.  Talk about customer service!  She stopped what she was doing and, before I knew it, she was giving me “The Royal Tour” around the property, the different pools, the BBQ area, the coin laundry area, the bridge over to one of the parking lots…even inside one of the buildings!

The resort was immaculate.  The coolest part was the Pirate Ship water slide which crossed overhead and landed in a “lazy river” pool.  I could easily see myself enjoying that!

I was hungry but nothing at the Boardwalk appealed to me.  I walked around and found a Food Truck (trailer) between the Swan Resort and the Boat Launch with BBQ’s going full steam trying to keep up with a crowd just released from a conference meeting.  I got in a long line but it went quickly because someone was working the line taking orders so that things would be ready when we got to the cashier!!  I ordered the Chicken Kabob on Garlic Flat Bread for $7 and just used my Trusty Water Bottle (FREE) for my drink.  This was a fresh, really tasty and affordable meal–plus, I didn’t have to settle for the boring hot dog or hamburger!

I enjoyed a couple of water taxi rides then hopped a shuttle outside Hollywood Studios to continued my “research” at Kidani Village and Jambo House in Animal Kingdom.


TIP:  Take the DVC Tour–you’ll get $50 Disney Gift Card, free continental breakfast and free ice cream!

TIP:  Wear your DVC Name Tag and you’ll get the royal treatment if you are checking out DVC properties.


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