Trip Advisor Series: 2016 WDW–Titanic, The Experience

Trip Advisor Series: 2016 WDW–Titanic, The Experience

Trip Advisor Series:

2016 WDW–I Danced with the Captain!


April 8, 2016–My conference roommate took me off Disney property to attend the “Titanic, The Experience” located just minutes away on International Drive.  This is an interactive dinner show dedicated to the memory of those who were lost and those who survived the sinking of the Titanic.  We received a “Boarding Pass” ticket or card representing a real passenger that we were to role-play if we wanted to participate.  Oddly enough, I shared the same name as my character!

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Actors in period costumes introduced themselves and engaged us in conversation to help us feel as though we were there.  Each room we went through took us deeper into the story displaying period and authentic artifacts as though we were touring the actual ship.  This was to be the Captain’s last voyage so we were invited to the dining room for his retirement dinner.

Two actors, “Mr. and Mrs. Strauss”, were the cutest little old couple.  They were so deeply in love.  They were celebrating their anniversary and danced to the song, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart, I’m in Love with You”.

As I took a bite I saw a wine glass set down on the table next to my plate, then an open hand.  I looked up and it was the Captain asking me to dance!  I looked around the table and everyone was smiling.  Embarrassed, I took his hand and said, “I don’t know how to dance”.  He said, “You’ll be fine”.  So I danced (more like swayed back and forth) with the Captain!

I was SO enamored!  For days afterwards, I would randomly say, “I danced with the Captain!”  I’m sure my roommates were sick of hearing it but they were good sports!  I was so bummed that I had chosen not to take a picture with the Captain when Mrs. Strauss had urged me.  She was so right!!  Now all I have are my memories….

Hands down, this was THE highlight of my entire trip to Walt Disney World and my convention!

TIP:  Just fork out the $25 and get the picture, already!! 

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