First Annual Bucket List Rebellion

First Annual Bucket List Rebellion

WOOT!!  WOOT!!  Kick your Bucket List into FULL GEAR!!   Come and celebrate our FIRST Annual Bucket List Rebellion in Branson, MO, USA, at the Coastal Vacations Travel Club (CVTC) Regional Conference, July 8-10, 2017.  The Event will be held at the Clarion Hotel at the Palace.  (Learn more about CVTC at

I’m so stoked!  I can’t wait!!

  • July 8-9, 2017, 9 am – 5 pm–$149
    • See my “Excellent” Offer below!
    • Buy Event tickets here: 2017 Coastal Vacations Travel Club Regional Conference 
    • Product Training (Learn How to Use It)–Domestic, International, Cruises, All-Inclusives!  Travel for dirt cheap for the rest of your life!  Then pass your Lifetime Membership on to the next generation!!  How cool is that!!
    • Marketing Training for Business Builders (Learn How to Make Money with It)–Your CVTC Membership comes with instant access to a mobile income anytime you need one, anywhere there is internet.  That’s a MASSIVE tool in your Traveler’s Toolbox!  Get instructions on how to use it.
  • July 10, 2017, 9 am – 5 pm–$69
    • “Coastal Freedom Team” Members Only
  • July 10, 2017, 7 pm–FREE TO EVERYONE!!
    • VACATION PARTY–Bring friends and let’s PARTY!!  A fun event featuring more about Coastal Vacations Travel Club, of course!


WANTED:  50 Bucket List Rebels to take me up on my offer!  EXPIRES: JULY 10, 2017

Enjoying a Pool Party on The Strip in Las Vegas

If you have not yet signed up with Coastal Vacations Travel Club, you need to join my team of Bucket List Rebels!  Come and introduce yourself to me, “Excellent Ellen”, at the Event!

If you decide to join Coastal Vacations Travel Club, and if you join my team, I, “Excellent Ellen”, will pay for your 2017 CVTC-Branson Event Ticket(s)!  After I’ve received a copy of your receipt and verified your membership status, I will reimburse your 2017 CVTC-Branson Event Ticket cost at your membership level:

  • Basic Membership–I will pay for one 2017 CVTC-Branson Event Ticket ($149 value)
  • Premium Membership–I will pay for two 2017 CVTC-Branson Event Tickets ($298 value)
  • Platinum Membership (Business Builders)–
    • I will pay for two 2017 CVTC-Branson Event Tickets ($298 value), PLUS,
    • I will pay for two 2017 CVTC-Branson “Coastal Freedom Team” Training Tickets held on Monday ($138 value), PLUS,
    • Bring friends!!  I will pay for their Event Ticket too, if they become a CVTC Member (with you or with me)

If you attend any of these Events and decide not to join, come find me (I look like I do in this picture) and fill out my form.  I will give you a CVTC Vacation Card good for ten (10) vacations of your choice!  YES – ten (10)…because I want you to fully grasp just how amazing the perks of belonging to this Travel Club really are!  THESE “EXCELLENT” OFFERS EXPIRE: JULY 10, 2017

Kick it into FULL GEAR!  Pursuing your Bucket List JUST GOT WAY MORE AFFORDABLE!!  Learn more about Coastal Vacations Travel Club at  


TIP:  Keep a journal of your travel expenditures.  Compare that to what you could have saved as a Lifetime Member of Coastal Vacations Travel Club.  When you’ve decided that you don’t want to spend so much in travel anymore, head to  


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  1. Just as an example: My 4-night hotel reservation cost $353. Members are staying for the cost of “Taxes Only” which, in my case, taxes for 4 nights is $37! FOUR NIGHTS FOR $37!! Imagine what that will do to your Bucket List Travel Budget!!

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