Trip Advisor Series: 2016 WDW–A Mouthful of Mardi Gras

Trip Advisor Series: 2016 WDW–A Mouthful of Mardi Gras

Trip Advisor Series

2016 WDW–A Mouthful of Mardi Gras

April 8, 2016–One of the things high on my To-Do List for my first trip to Walt Disney World was to eat a beignet–I’ve never had one!  They are a delicious treat, native to the New Orleans area.

So I hopped on a shuttle bus and headed to Disney Springs then went to the boat launch.  I told the driver (skipper) of the water taxi that I wanted to find the beignets.  He said he was headed that way!

What a beautiful 20 minute boat ride through the “jungle” toward Port Orleans French Quarter.  After I got off of the water taxi, I made my way to Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory.  It was very crowded for 11 am.

I was told that you are supposed to dip them in a sauce (caramel, raspberry or chickory) so I chose caramel.  The three beignets and the caramel sauce was a little over $6 USD.   I took my trusty water thermos with ice water–which made my drink FREE!

FYI–You pay for them at the cashier, then you go to the counter and order them.  I finally got my 3 piping hot beignets and sat down for a mouthful of Mardi Gras!  They are squares that taste like pancakes–crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, and generously sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Beware!  This is a REALLY messy treat!

After cleaning off my face, fingers, clothes and table (yes, it was REALLY messy and sticky–bring moisturized hand wipes!!), I headed out to the Port Orleans French Quarter shuttle stop and took a bus to my next adventure!

I was really glad that this was on my list of things to do!  I will definitely have to repeat this experience!!


TIP:  Water, milk and sodas can cost up to $2.75 USD each!!  Bring a water bottle and fill it up wherever you go.  This will help you save money on your drinks.  When it’s hot, your body will want water more than sugary drinks, anyway. 


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