Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Clarion Hotel

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Clarion Hotel

Trip Advisor Series

2017 Branson, MO, USA–Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

July 7-11, 2017–The Clarion at the Palace Hotel and Conference Center is very conveniently located on Country 76 Boulevard, affectionately known as The Strip.  It is within walking distance to food and entertainment.  I walked to Mel’s Hard Luck Diner at the Grand Village, Dairy Queen, Presley’s Country Jubilee and crossed the street to Pancho Villa’s Tex Mex restaurant. Please check out my reviews on them, too!

There is A LOT of fun stuff going on within a short distance but this road gets CONGESTED! You get the usual tourists paying more attention to the sites than to the road. Cars attempting to leave the hotel parking lot to enter into a lane or to cross traffic to go the opposite direction sometimes need a healthy dose of patience!

Pedestrians crossing this road are taking their lives into their own hands.  The City of Branson spent good money on installing crosswalks that light up when someone needs to cross the street.  PLEASE USE THEM!!

TIP:  Plan your travels for when The Strip is less congested.  Keep your eyes on the road, not on the sites.  Expect to miss your turn.  Take a good amount of patience with you.  Use an alternative route.  Cross at the crosswalks!!

Clarion Hotel in Branson, photo courtesy of

Now…for the hotel!  I stayed here while attending our First Annual BUCKET LIST REBELLION at the Coastal Vacations Travel Club Regional Conference being held at this resort.

Our room had a balcony that kind of overlooked the pool area.  I loved the convenience of stepping outside my room, walking 15 steps across the hall, purchasing a fresh ice cream from the vending machine and eating it out on the balcony on a hot and humid evening!

The bed and pillows were amazing–perfectly fluffy yet firm.  It made it really hard to get up and continue on with my day.

Their full hot breakfast buffet is located within the conference center.  I loved the jungle mural and tropical theme. The breakfast was tasty and well-monitored. It became a bit chaotic on the weekend with guests arriving for breakfast and foot traffic coming in and out of the conference area.

This is a beautiful hotel with smiling staff.  I hope to be able to stay there again!


TIP:  Use your brakes (strollers, wheelchairs, cars, etc.)–the parking lot is steep!


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