Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Fall Creek Steak

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Fall Creek Steak

Trip Advisor Series

2017 Branson, MO–Fall Creek Steak and Catfish House

July 9, 2017–Heads UP!! I quickly found out that they throw fresh warm buns at you–how fun is that? Fall Creek has the best brisket I’ve ever eaten! Amazing smoky flavor! Very tender!! Now a little about the restaurant….

Heads UP! Violent roll throwing!!

Our waiter, Roger, was awesome! Even though the place had gotten busy, he continued to serve us attentively.

I came to this restaurant with a local couple. We had grown up together and they moved to the region about…a long time ago! While our little group had been eating and catching up on thirty years’ worth of memories, the restaurant had filled to capacity.

We went at about 5:30 pm on a Sunday evening and was able to get a table immediately. When we left, there were people waiting in an incredibly long line to grab the next vacated table!  Obviously a favorite among locals and tourists alike!

Old church built in the 1800’s with sycamore logs

After dinner, my friends took me out into the boondocks to an old church right around dusk. The church built in the 1800’s using sycamore logs and was unlocked. There were two 2-seater outhouses out back.

As it got darker, the fireflies came out. They were so beautiful. This is the reason why we came this far out of town. I had never seen fireflies in real life–only on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland! What a treat!

I was not able to finish all the food that was on my plate. And, I was not about to leave THESE leftovers! I took it back to my hotel fridge and ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.


TIP:  Don’t wait until you are hungry to choose to eat here.  It is a VERY POPULAR restaurant!

TIP:  The bread melts in your mouth–don’t drop it and waste it!!


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