Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Holiday Hills

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Holiday Hills

Trip Advisor Series

2017 Branson, MO–Holiday Hills Resort Pavilion

July 8, 2017–After our first full day of training at the Coastal Vacations Travel Club regional conference, our minds were swimming with information. Some of the families from our group stayed at Holiday Hills using their deep discount they got with CVTC.

CVTC BBQ Picnic at Holiday Hills Resort in Branson

A “Socialize and Let Down Your Hair” family BBQ was scheduled for the first night. This was held at the Holiday Hills Resort’s Picnic Pavilion, which is located by the RV park and fenced pool area. We had plenty of room for our group of about 40 people (from every generation–literally–OK, well, the first 7 decades anyway).

There were about 10 picnic tables, 3-4 charcoal BBQ grills and a fenced pool area with lounge chairs. The picnic tables were kind of old. The legs curved out so it became a tripping hazard multiple times during the evening. But, the picnic tables and surrounding area were clean.

Excellent Ellen enjoying some down time

There was also a power outlet, which came in handy. My roommate and I brought a can of Baked Beans but didn’t bring a can opener for it! Someone went and got their electric can opener from their condo. How convenient is that?

The lights came on as it got darker. There were not really enough parking spaces for the amount of people the Pavilion could hold. But, there were more parking spaces over by the RV park.

We had a great time getting to know each other better and playing Nertz (a card game on steroids) . It was a very enjoyable spot to hold our “family” BBQ. Lots of good memories!!


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