Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Pancho Villa

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Branson–Pancho Villa

Trip Advisor Series

2017 Branson, MO–Pancho Villa’s Tex Mex Restaurant

July 9, 2017–For lunch on our second day of CVTC training, my roommate and I braved crossing the busy traffic of Country 76 Blvd for a bite to eat. Pancho Villa’s Tex Mex Restaurant is located across the street from the Clarion Hotel, where our conference was located. Crossing this street during a crazy summer weekend is basically taking your life into your own hands, so be careful!

Chicken Nachos, Chips and Salsa, and the Beef Enchilada Platter at Pancho Villa’s Tex Mex Restaurant

Years ago I had some awesome chicken nachos and I’ve been on a quest ever since to find some that would rival my cherished memory.  Every chicken nachos dish I’ve tried has been a distant second (or worse).

When we sat down, we were served some warm tortilla chips and some mild salsa (thank you!) prior to ordering.

My roommate had the beef enchilada and chicken taco and I was served a large plate full of tasty chicken nachos. It came with a plate of guacamole, sour cream and diced tomatoes on the side. I used some of the salsa that came with the warm tortilla chips for my nachos. They didn’t rival the legendary chicken nachos that I’ve been using as a standard, but they were very good.

I didn’t eat all of the nachos but put the leftovers in the mini fridge in our room and had them for breakfast the next day. The tortilla chips were soggy and awful, but the rest of it was still quite tasty!  That, and the Brisket leftovers from Fall Creek–Breakfast of Champions! YUM!! LOVE LEFTOVERS!!


TIP:  There are some great restaurants and entertainment on the other side of the road–just be careful when crossing!!


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