Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Las Vegas–Circus Circus Buffet

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Las Vegas–Circus Circus Buffet

Trip Advisor Series

2017 Las Vegas–Circus Circus Buffet


May 10, 2017–The Breakfast Buffet at Circus Circus had a large assortment of breakfast items, including eggs or omelets made to order.  They also had:

  • Sweet items:  Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Doughnuts, Danishes, Pastries, etc.
  • Potatoes:  Hash Browns, Breakfast Potatoes (cubed with onions and bell peppers)
  • Meats:  Bacon, Sausage, Corned Beef Hash
  • Eggs:  Hard Boiled, Scrambled, Scrambled with Ham and Bell Peppers (plus the others that were made to order)
  • Breads, Cereals (hot and cold) and Biscuits and Gravy
  • Drinks:  Milk, Coffee, Teas, Juices, Water
  • They even had noodles!

My roommates and I chose to eat at this restaurant because it was convenient (we were staying at Circus Circus hotel) and we wanted a decent breakfast where we didn’t have to wait to be seated and served.  We went at 6:30 am on a Wednesday morning and it was not crowded.

Circus Circus Buffet, photo courtesy of

Through a misunderstanding, my purse and backpack were accidentally left unattended for a few minutes! My passport, cash, credit card, convention badge and boarding pass were all available to anyone brave enough to attempt it.  When I returned, to my shock and relief, nothing was moved or missing!  That could have ended so much worse–lesson learned!!

We enjoyed the food and the great service.  Although there was a crazy amount of options to choose from, I think the price was a little high.  This breakfast buffet at Circus Circus (on The Strip) on a weekday morning was $21, which was more expensive than our Saturday night dinner buffet at Gold Coast Resort (off The Strip), which was only $17.31.  This is what to expect if you eat at a restaurant on The Strip!


TIP:  Stay and eat off The Strip if you want to save money.  If you do choose to stay and eat on The Strip, embrace the decadence!


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