Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Las Vegas–Getting Around

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Las Vegas–Getting Around

Trip Advisor Series

2017 Las Vegas–Getting Around

May 6-10, 2017–So you’re headed to Las Vegas.  You’ve got a great price at a primo hotel on The Strip.  You don’t want the added expense of a car rental. The Strip doesn’t seem so colossal.  “Let’s just walk to all the different places”, you say!

The Strip is so much more “colossal” than a newbie can imagine.

Car Rental–It’s possible that Kolkotta has better behaved drivers than Las Vegas.  So, going without the rental car may have been a great idea. If you choose to get a rental car, there is lots of free parking in the parking garages of different resorts on The Strip.  I know from personal experience that Circus Circus and Planet Hollywood both have free parking.

Walking–This is a city that requires lots of walking, even if you depend on the bus system or have your own vehicle. You’ll continually thank me under your breath if you invest in really good walking shoes. Schedule in plenty of time to get to your destination because everything is “Texas” sized! Bring pain meds…it’s A LOT of walking!

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HEADS UP–You’ll see naked women on postcards on the ground and in real life trying to make a living.  Also, while walking between bus stops at 7 in the morning, we saw a homeless dude walking around wrapped in an army blanket.  Three large cockroaches were crawling around on his back.

Bus System Pass–My roommates and I took full advantage of the bus system during our trip. It can get really crowded. You can buy a one-day ticket to use the bus system as much as you want to use it in 24 hours for only $8, or a 3-day ticket for $20. There are vending kiosks by most bus stops.

Harrah’s Shuttle Service–It’s my understanding that the Harrah’s Shuttle will bus people from each of the resorts that belong to the Harrah Resorts Group to the main Harrah’s Resort on The Strip. The catch is that you must sign up for their “Total Rewards” temporary card which you get right there at the Pick-Up area.  It is required in order to board this free shuttle service.  Anyone can sign up for the “Total Rewards” card and use the free shuttle system–even if you don’t stay at one of their resort hotels.

Airport Shuttle–I paid $10 for a trip back to the airport.  I think UBER might be cheaper!


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