Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Las Vegas–Menopause

Trip Advisor Series: 2017 Las Vegas–Menopause

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2017 Las Vegas–“Menopause, the Musical

May 8, 2017–WHAT A HOOT!!  You have to go!!

An executive at the hospital where I work had visited Las Vegas and had gone to “Menopause, the Musical” with his wife (probably around February, 2017).  He RAVED about it!  I figured that it had to be excellent if a GUY had enjoyed it THAT MUCH!  I was headed down to Las Vegas for a convention a couple of months later.

“Menopause, the Musical”

I went on to Groupon to see how much I could save.  I bought four tickets to celebrate my roommate’s birthday (which was two days prior to our reservations).  The cost for four “premium seat tickets” on Groupon was about half of the going price on other sites (Harrah’s, Ticketmaster, etc.).

I was able to get four tickets for the price of two!  It’s so much more fun when you can share the memories with friends (new or not-so-new, young or old, men or women).  We had such a great time together!

It is not a “Dinner Show” and drinks were $12, so you will want to eat before sitting down to this two-hour side-splitter.  Even if you will never experience menopause, it is hilarious and YOU HAVE TO GO!!

TIP:  Fair warning–this is ADULT CONTENT!  Familiar songs have been “modified”.  Some content may range from a bit uncomfortable to offensive–or not, depending on your tolerance level for “risque”.  I’ll be honest, it hit my “offensive” level a couple of times.

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