Eclipse Special

Eclipse Special

Eclipse Special–Bonus Cruise with each Travel Club Membership you purchase through me. This offer expires 11:59 pm MDT, August 21, 2017.

Millions of people are flocking to locations along the path to see the 2017 USA Eclipse. Celebrate with us no matter where you are at! How can you get your Bonus Cruise?

  • Choose a Coastal Vacations Travel Club Membership Level (one-time payment):
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    • Level 1: Basic–$1,295.00 USD (this package includes North America and Caribbean)
    • Level 2: Premium–$3,995.00 USD (this package includes International Resorts and Short Cruises, AND the Basic Membership)
    • Level 3: Platinum–$11,000.00 USD (this package includes All-Inclusive Resorts, Executive Resorts and Longer Cruises, AND the Basic Membership, AND the Premium Membership)
  • Add Shipping and Handling–$25 USD Domestic (within USA) or $75 USD International (including Canada).
  • I accept money orders and wire transfers. Sorry, I’m not set up to receive credit cards or Bitcoin at this time.
  • Completely fill out the Order Form (shipping address–can be delivered to someone else if you choose). Write “ECLIPSE OFFER” on the Order Form.  Send it with your payment to: Ellen Barrios, PO Box 477, Hamilton, MT USA  59840
  • After I receive your order, it will take about two weeks for you to receive your membership package from the shipping company. I have to validate the order before they will send it. And, you will also receive your Bonus Cruise from me!!

Start off your Bucket List adventures by celebrating the two-minute Eclipse with a Lifetime of Travel! I am offering a Caribbean cruise for each membership sold through me until midnight of the day of the 2017 USA Eclipse. Let’s all celebrate this special event with this special offer!!

Create YOUR OWN Bucket List in anticipation for the arrival of your Coastal Vacations Travel Club Membership package. Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience? How do you want to help others? Your membership unlocks a world of possibilities!!

OPTIONS: Purchase multiple Lifetime Travel Club Memberships and give them as Wedding Gifts, Birthday Presents, Christmas or Holiday Gifts or even as Business Incentives. How does it work? You purchase the Membership Level. You fill out an Order Form for each separate gift (three adult children each get a Platinum Membership for Christmas–three Order Forms, three separate payments). The package gets delivered to the “Shipping Address” (yours or theirs). They fill out the Membership form inside their package and send it in. You get the BONUS CRUISE(S)! How awesome would that be to receive such a gift that keeps giving LONG after the thoughtful gesture!

Don’t delay–you’ll forget! Take advantage of this special Eclipse Offer while it lasts. Choose a Membership Level today and follow the directions to receive your Bonus Cruise.  POSTMARK BY EXPIRATION DATE:  11:59 pm MDT, August 21, 2017


Photos Courtesy of Cache Valley Astronomical Society ( and USA

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