Getting Started (Home)

Getting Started (Home)

Purposeful Travel with a Mobile Income

You BUCKET LIST has been buried by the “stuff of Life”.  Go find those dreams and blow the dust off them because we’re going to show you how you can resurrect them! My name is Ellen (smack dab in the middle of the word “ExcELLENce”) and I am the Chief Instigator here at BUCKET LIST REBEL!

Excellent Ellen at a Pool Party held at Planet Hollywood on the Strip in Las Vegas

When you combine your BUCKET LIST with a MOBILE INCOME (, life becomes more open to follow your purpose. You’ll the time freedom to make memories with family and friends. Maybe you’ll obliterate debt and kiss your boss GOODBYE!  Turn your focus toward healing your life. Participate in competitive activities, get lost in artistic endeavors, create and market your very own masterpieces. Travel and experience places and cultures you’ve always dreamed about.  Support charitable endeavors that are close to your heart. Build a legacy worth handing down!

CREATE YOUR OWN BUCKET LIST–You may share common interests with those you hang around, but your BUCKET LIST is unique to you! Write down 3 goals or dreams under each category that you would like to accomplish. Dig DEEP! Lots of childhood dreams have been suppressed by adult restrictions! Get as specific as possible: Lose 30 pounds in 6 months. Buy a jet black 2-door Tesla by the time I’m 50, etc.

Date this list. Change it anytime your goals or dreams change. Keep your old BUCKET LISTS so that you can compare and notice how you’ve grown since the previous ones (the reason why you date this list) or keep track of what you’ve been able to check off your BUCKET LIST!


Purpose (Vision)–You can only achieve your dreams if you honor who you really are.  What speaks to your heart?  What comes naturally to you?  Everyone’s got a gift.  Find yours!  The closer you get to focusing on what you are born to do, the happier you will be.  Some ideas for this category:  Volunteer and Donate to Your Favorite Charities, Meditation and Spiritual Study, Honesty with Yourself, etc.


Tribe (People, Relationships, Community)–Those who are closest to you.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  You can feel the same thing as you become an adult through “Herd” acceptance or rejection. Ideas for this category: Choose to hang around those who will support your dreams and encourage you to be your best self, Step up your game and be the leader/mentor for your tribe, etc.


Well-th (the hybrid of Health and Wellness)–You can’t buy good health! Quit punishing the only thing that will be with you from cradle to grave. It will pay you back–either way! Here are some ideas for this category: Cut Out Habits that Harm Your Body, Better Nutrition, Competitive Activities, Learn Healing Techniques, Coach Others, Get Away from the Screen and Walk, etc.  Don’t forget to be specific!


Treasure Chest (Finances, Investments)–Invest it into things that are worthy of the life energy it took to accumulate it. Are you willing to learn new habits? Ideas for this category:  Savings Accounts for Each Budget Item, Pay Off Debt, Learn to point your money in the right direction, Get a Competent Financial Adviser, Research Better Career Options, De-Clutter Your Home (there is a correlation), etc.


Addictions (Hobbies, Fun Things That Produce)–aka: “Productive Dreams”!!  Projects that draw you in so far you forget what time it is. Your escape from the real world.  That creative hobby that makes you feel awesome when you’re done with it.  Maybe it’s something you want to get better at:  Gardening, Martial Arts, Acrylics (Painting), Dog Shows, Resurrecting Antique Cars (or Furniture), etc.


Adventure (Travel, Exploration, Experiences)–Take a road trip or a sabbatical.  It’s your Dream!  Live it!!  Create a list and cut out magazine pictures of EVERY place you’ve always wanted to go, things you’ve wanted to accomplish, whatever.  If you had a limitless supply of time, money and health–what would you do?


Leave a Legacy–Someone is watching you!  What do you want the world to remember most about you?  If you run out of ideas: Pass down a lifetime Coastal Vacations Travel Club membership and gift the next generation a path to their own BUCKET LISTS (Click to learn more.)