Membership Perks

Membership Perks

The “Sweet Spot”–the perfect blend of pursuing your Bucket List, getting deep membership discounts, and having a mobile income!

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Coastal Vacations Travel Club is a clearing house where travel vendors send vacation certificates hoping to drum up more business. On a cruise ship, empty rooms have the same expenses as full rooms. Hotels and resorts are clawing over each other to get our business!

If they give our members a free one-week stay, they know that we will spend money on other things at the resort and in the local area–eat out, see a show, visit an historic site. Even if we did not spend a dime, they know that if we had a good time, we’ll tell everyone at home what a great time we had and they will want to go, too.

Word of mouth is so powerful they are willing to give us free stays to get it! And it’s actually cheaper for them than a national advertising campaign!

Some Membership Perks and some of the ways I can use my CVTC Membership…

I can sell Memberships and get a GREAT COMMISSION from each one: 

  • Basic Membership–North America and Discount Cards–30 vacations for the cost of one!
  • Premier Membership–Cruises and International Travel (includes Basic package)
  • Platinum (Business Builder) Membership–Longer Cruises and All-Inclusives (includes Basic and Premier packages)

Personal (Purposeful Travel):

  • Pursue Bucket Lists–I can pursue my own BUCKET LIST, accompany someone else in their pursuit of their BUCKET LIST, enable others to pursue their BUCKET LIST, pass it on to someone else to pursue their BUCKET LIST when I’m finished with it. Life becomes more open to follow your purpose and create a legacy worth handing down!
  • Charitable Donations–Every charity needs more volunteers and donations which have a highly perceived value. I get more time freedom to volunteer and I have vacation certificates I can donate to my favorite causes to entice crowds to open up their wallets!
  • Family Reunions–I can use my membership to pay “taxes only” for a hotel stay. My 2017 Branson hotel stay was $356 for 4 nights. The taxes on that was $37–for 4 nights! That’s an affordable Family Reunion!

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  • Multi-Generational Vacations (such as Disney)–I have access to 2-3 bedroom condos and up to 7-bedroom vacation homes at deeply discounted rates (cheaper than a comparable stay at a Motel 6). It’s a home away from home! Having my own full kitchen pleases picky eaters, caters to those with dietary restrictions and saves from the logistics and expense of eating out all the time. And, most units come with a washer and dryer–so I can go home with clean laundry!!  Try doing that with a hotel room.
  • Healthy Benefits–I suppose I can sit in front of the TV or computer screen for the rest of my life, but WHY?  Traveling makes me more active, less stressed (or stressed in a different way!), more understanding of other cultures, feel more fulfilled and changes up my routine. I get to meet new people, try exotic foods, learn something challenging (directions, languages–which is always good for brain health).
  • For A Lifetime And LONGER–My Coastal Vacations Travel Club membership is a LIFETIME membership. I can create a legacy by passing down my membership to future generations. Change YOUR path, change THEIR future.
  • Squeeze the fun out of LIFE–before it’s too late! Isn’t that what a BUCKET LIST is for? Click on and start building that Legacy!

Business (Mobile Income):

  • Business Incentives–I can help businesses reward employees, bring in more customers, save a sale, give out thank you gifts, etc. Nothing says, “Thank you for closing your home with us!” better than a nice weekend getaway.
  • Fundraisers–Did you know that the Girl Scouts only keep 50 cents for each box of cookies they sell? I can beat that ALL DAY LONG! People love to travel and they will come out of the woodwork to enter for a chance to win a cruise or to go to Disney!

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  • Wedding Registry–Guests want to give something special that will be cherished. A third toaster isn’t one of them. My wedding registry points those well-wishing dollars toward a luxurious dream getaway and help the happy couple avoid going into more debt.
  • Home “Vacation” Parties–The Host Rebate Program. The host buys a membership and throws a Vacation Party. They receive 25% cash of each membership that is sold at their party–rebates up to the price of the Host’s Travel Club Membership…AKA: FREE!! Plus a lifetime of travel, then they can pass it on to the next lucky recipient!!
  • Tax Write-Offs–I can deduct my travel expenses as “research”. That’s not far-fetched–I need to be familiar with what I’m offering to people and I also write reviews for Trip Advisor. Those vacations that came with my membership won’t take themselves!!
  • Work From Anywhere–I’ve been searching for years for a job that I can do from ANYWHERE. That’s what sold me on this. My office can be wherever I can get internet. How cool is that! We have travel vendors in over 100 countries and members that span the globe. So literally, ANYWHERE!
  • Referrals–Would this be perfect for someone you know?
  • Change Your Path–Does this sound like something you want to do? Click on and choose the Platinum (Business Builder) Membership!! Why not maximize your savings–and your options?


So, when will you realize that your dreams are actually within reach?  Go to now and change your path!