Travel and Income Rebels (About Us)

Travel and Income Rebels (About Us)


I don’t know about you, but I’m NOT rich!  Yet, I need money to travel to my heart’s content, pursue my Bucket List, create my masterpieces and support my favorite causes.  Mostly, I want the time freedom to make memories with my friends and family (like a multi-generational trip to Disney).  In short, I WANT TO HAVE FUN!!  Don’t you?

But, if you’re like me, you can’t quit your day job–yet!  Money doesn’t grow on trees.  It won’t be falling out of the sky anytime soon.  And, no one is going to GIVE you money to pursue your dreams.

Well, hope springs eternal.  When I found Coastal Vacations Travel Club, I pounced on it!  I finally saw a realistic and practical path straight to my dreams.  It gives me wholesale discounts (sometimes up to 80% off) on travel and it solves my financial dilemma–how can I travel and still have money coming in?  You can turn on the business side of it years later, stop it and start back up anytime you need to from anywhere in the world that has internet.  If you dream of traveling, take the next step.  You NEED this membership!  Click to learn more.

When you join and choose to turn on the business side of your membership, you’ll have outstanding support!  Our team, the Coastal Freedom Team, has an AMAZING leader who’s been in it for over 18 years, PATIENT mentors COMMITTED to your success, LIVE training calls (yes, real people) 6 days a week with those patient mentors, and a RESPECTFUL, ETHICAL atmosphere.  And, we’re FAMILY (see obvious photo below)!

I’ve worked hard all my life and didn’t have much to show for it. Well, that’s about to change! Come with me and let’s resurrect our dreams together!!


“Excellent” Ellen (the one with the lei) at the first annual Bucket List Rebellion held at the Coastal Vacations Regional Training Conference in Branson, MO, USA, July 8-10, 2017